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All Quality Marble and Granite home remodeling of white kitchen waterfall countertop in Orlando Florida

Kitchen Island Trends

Kitchen islands bring people together and create lasting memories. This year, large kitchen islands will be a top priority for designers and homeowners as the need to create more functional spaces grows. With limitless possibilities for customization, here are some kitchen island design ideas to incorporate into your kitchen remodel Orlando.

Waterfall Kitchen Island

The waterfall island concept extends the countertop material down the sides, creating an effect that is as visually striking as it is practical. The continuous flow of the countertop material down to the floor creates a beautiful focal point, so opt for a countertop with veining like quartzite or marble and simple kitchen cabinets Orlando. 

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Double Island Kitchen

The double island kitchen is great for abundant storage and prepping space. In the double island kitchen, your countertops are the star of the show since it is what most people will notice about your kitchen. One countertop will serve as a more functional surface which can be for food preparation and the second countertop will be dedicated for entertainment and eating. Orlando Quartz countertops are a great option for this kitchen design option.

Round Kitchen Island

The round kitchen island is a distinctive and space-efficient design. Round kitchen islands are often chosen for their ability to allow individuals to gather around the island with ease. Their design versatility makes them suitable for various kitchen sizes and styles, offering a modern and elegant alternative to more conventional island shapes. 

Narrow Kitchen Island

A narrow kitchen island allows for efficient integration into smaller spaces, providing a practical addition to the kitchen environment. Despite its size, this type of island can offer valuable storage options on the sides of the island. While also adding seating making a dining table optional and optimizing space. 

Large Kitchen Island

A large kitchen island design choice is advantageous for spacious kitchens, where the island becomes a central hub for various tasks as seen in farmhouse kitchen islands. The generous countertop space is an ideal solution for those who enjoy cooking together or hosting. The possibilities are endless for kitchen island cabinets with this design too. 

L Shaped Kitchen with Island

A functional and well-liked design option that maximizes workspace and socializing in a kitchen setting is an L-shaped kitchen island. Usually, this kind of island extends from the primary countertop. As a useful workplace, one arm of the “L” frequently provides an extra surface for cooking, meal preparation, and other culinary tasks. 

Square Kitchen Island

The square shape fits well in both small and large rooms, making it a versatile shape for different kitchen layouts. Because of the vast countertop area provided by this design, meal preparation and cooking may be done in an effective and well-organized manner.

Custom kitchen islands can make your kitchen feel more personalized. From specialized storage solutions to personalized countertop materials, each aspect can be curated to reflect the homeowner’s taste and enhance the overall flow of the kitchen. 

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