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Honed, Leathered and Polished Countertops – What’s the Difference

Countertops can come in different kinds of finishes depending on the material. Each finish has its unique look and feel that can transform a kitchen or bathroom aesthetic from traditional to contemporary. In this blog, we will go more in depth about the 3 main finishes: honed, leathered and polished and how they differ from each other.

Polished Countertops

The polished countertop finish is the most widely used and popular in homes today. It has a glossy and lustrous appearance, making it a classic choice for various interior applications, including kitchen and bathroom countertops. Most natural stone countertops like marble, quartzite and granite are offered in polished finishes. Engineered countertops like quartz and porcelain are also usually offered in polished. Here at All Quality, we have the largest selection of polished quartz, marble, porcelain and granite countertops Orlando has to offer. Check out our countertop specials


  • Elegant appearance and timeless appeal
  • Smooth, pleasant texture
  • Stain resistance
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Reflective quality brightens the room


  • Susceptible to fingerprints and water spots
  • May show scratches more prominently

Honed (Matte or Satin) Countertops

A honed finish, also known as matte or satin finish, is a great choice if you have kids or if it’s generally a high traffic area for you. This unique surface finish, achieved through meticulous grinding and sanding processes, highlights the authentic nature of the stone,  which will enhance its inherent textures, colors, and patterns subtly. The popularity of honed quartz and porcelain countertops have grown among designers and homeowners alike due to its smooth appearance and natural aesthetic. Come by our showroom to check out our selection of honed granite, marble and quartz countertops Orlando. 


  • Modern, natural aesthetic
  • Smooth surface
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Conceals smudges and imperfections 


  • Slightly porous, requires sealing more often
  • Scratches and chips are more noticeable
  • Dull or mutes the natural stone’s colors

Leathered (or Brushed) Countertops

A leathered countertop finish is a unique and textured surface treatment applied to natural stone, particularly granite and marble. This finish provides a distinctive, tactile quality and a matte appearance, different from the traditional polished or honed finishes.

During the leathering process, the stone surface is brushed with diamond-tipped brushes or abrasive pads, creating a slightly rough texture with a sheen that resembles the look and feel of leather. This finish retains the natural color and characteristics of the stone while giving it a more rustic and industrial quality. For leathered granite, quartzite and other materials, contact us today. 


  • Unique texture 
  • Matte Appearance 
  • Enhanced grip 
  • Each countertop is unique 


  • Cleaning challenges
  • Higher cost 
  • Limited availability

When you’re looking for countertop fabricators in Orlando, think of All Quality Marble & Granite as your top pick. With our extensive experience in the industry, we excel as the ultimate destination for various stone materials, including quartz countertops, granite, marble, quartzite, and more. Check out our countertop specials on quartz and granite. When it comes to finding the finest quartz countertops in Orlando, place your trust in All Quality Marble & Granite as your partner for home remodeling. Contact us to begin your bathroom or kitchen remodeling Orlando project today.

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